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  1. present participle of spawn

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Spawning is the production or depositing of large quantities of eggs in water.

Types of egg-layers

  • egg scatterers
  • nest builders
  • egg hangers
  • mouth breeders
  • egg buriers
  • egg enlargement

Spawn cycle


An egg sac or collection can be called a 'redd' as in 'salmon redd' for the eggs attached to the stream bottom. Specifically, a salmon redd is the space at the bottom of a stream that a spawning salmon makes for its eggs usually in a nest of rocks or scattered among the ground. Salmon eggs are typically a reddish, pink, or a yellow color.


A newly-hatched fish in the larval stage, one which has not yet emerged from the nesting area. Alevins will have a noticeable yolk sac, and need this yolk sac while their digestive systems are developing. At this stage, the fish are not prepared to hunt live prey, and are completely dependent on the yolk sacs.


A fry is a recently-hatched fish, one which has fully absorbed its yolk sac and can now hunt and consume live food. The fry of live-bearers do not have a yolk sac and therefore need to begin feeding immediately after birth.


A parr is a juvenile fish, one preparing to leave the fresh waters of its home.


A smolt is a juvenile fish. This is the stage where Salmonid becomes physiologically adapted to saltwater and begins its trek to its salt water environment.


A salmonid, especially an Atlantic salmon, which is returning to its spawning grounds after just one year in the sea.
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